Release your style with Polaroid sunglasses

On sunny days I can’t leave the house without my sunglasses. I find that the sunglasses are so important for aesthetic/fashion purposes, but also for the practical ones. I know that most girls tend to choose beautiful and trendy sunnies and they don’t care too much about the great importance of sun protection and polarized lenses. Non-polarized lenses just make things look darker, Polaroid polarized sunglasses block virtually all glare. Polaroid is worldwide leader in…

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Optiblu – sunglasses heaven

[EN]: A few weeks ago I had the chance to collaborate with Optiblu, a local eyeglasses store and to make a photoshoot for the blog with Cristina. For me it’s really hard to find the perfect pair of sunnies for my face and this is the first time when I had the chance to try so many pairs. I really love sunglasses, so I guess you can imagine that I had so much fun trying…

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