Here we are, a week after New Year’s Eve and we didn’t write our resolutions list like in the previous years. We don’t believe anymore in such lists and while their popularity increased on social networks, we are not fans anymore. Everyone finished the year with a recap and begin the new year with a resolution list and we noticed most are the same. Social networks influence us more than we can even think… View Post

  Beauty, hopes, dreams, trust, faith, celebration, freshness… this is the starting of a New Year! Wishing you an amazing New Year! We are still in the holiday mood; getting back from the holidays to work can be a challenging thing- we miss good books, teas and TV shows 🙂 Speaking of series, we started to watch “The Crown” which is so praised, but for now we don’t understand the hype, we don’t like the… View Post

  There’s just one week until Christmas, so today we have for you two Christmas festive outfits ideas. Although, in the past years we have chosen red for Christmas day, this year we decided to come up with something different, two feminine and elegant outfits in bright colors, that are so us! Dorina’s outfit is very comfortable, but the glitter skirt and the sparkly shoes are screaming holidays and Cristina’s red beret and matching lipstick… View Post

  The most versatile blouses in our wardrobe are definitely the striped ones. Maybe that’s why we have a “small collection” of striped shirts and blouses that save us when we don’t know what to choose. Mainly we opt for the black and white blouses but blue and white or red and white are our favorites, too, especially during summer. Whether we choose elegant items like this one Cristina is wearing, with a bare shoulder… View Post

  I wanted to take some photos in this place for a while, but I had no idea how to get there. One day I asked a friend about it and not only that she showed me the street, but I discovered that it was near the building I worked in. Go the extra mile, they say :)) This is what I had to do to find it 🙂 Unfortunately, it’s a very narrow alley… View Post