The most versatile blouses in our wardrobe are definitely the striped ones. Maybe that’s why we have a “small collection” of striped shirts and blouses that save us when we don’t know what to choose. Mainly we opt for the black and white blouses but blue and white or red and white are our favorites, too, especially during summer. Whether we choose elegant items like this one Cristina is wearing, with a bare shoulder… View Post

  I wanted to take some photos in this place for a while, but I had no idea how to get there. One day I asked a friend about it and not only that she showed me the street, but I discovered that it was near the building I worked in. Go the extra mile, they say :)) This is what I had to do to find it 🙂 Unfortunately, it’s a very narrow alley… View Post

  If I had to choose just one type of skirt to keep in my wardrobe, this would definitely be the pleated skirt because you can wear it in any season, it goes with everything, it’s so versatile! I wear it with heels but also with shoes or boots, with elegant blouses and shirts, but also with T-shirts. Today I chose a casual chic outfit and I combined my black pleated skirt with a basic… View Post

  I have always admired French women for their seemingly effortless ensembles, for their naturalness, that specific je ne sais quoi. One of their key pieces from the ’90s, the beret, made a comeback this season and even if you aren’t aware of trends or you don’t follow the fashion weeks, you certainly saw the beret and the Gavroche cap/basque everywhere in stores. Although beret and French baguette have been used in recent years as a satire… View Post

  Berlin has a pretty diverse mix of sights, colorful and also gray places, urban art, but also garbage, history and modernism, it’s an eclectic city, a city of contrasts. If we have to describe the city in one word this would be freedom. Here you can find your place no matter who you are, nothing seems too strange here, diversity and acceptance are part of their culture. In this article we will recommend you… View Post