When I was little I refused to wear the Romanian traditional blouse, called ie, because I thought the other children will make fun of me. My grandma always asked to me to wear the peasant blouse at the church when there were big holidays as Christmas or Easter, but I always refused her. Now I began to love the peasant blouses and as you could see on the blog, I wear them as often… View Post

As we’ve been mentioning in the latest posts, we became a bit obsessed with red lately. We haven’t worn this color for a long time and now we want to recover 🙂 I really don’t understand why our love for this color has increased lately but the fact is that we’ve got a lot of red items. I wear this beautiful red dress from today’s post just once because it was already fall when I… View Post

  When I saw this gorgeous pink lace dress for the first time I’ve already imagined how I will wear it: with loose curls, subtle pink makeup and then, when I found these glitter shoes, I knew this is a combination made in heaven. But from what I imagined to what came out, it’s a long way: D I wore this outfit to Stylish Circle, a blogger event in Timisoara. So, what prevented me to… View Post

It’s almost winter in Romania but today’s post it’s all about summer 🙂 I like these photos too much to not share them with you 🙂 We took the photos a few weeks ago, but I didn’t post them because I was very busy lately. We have a lot of outfits in our folders, so get ready for an avalanche of outfits 🙂 What’s funny is that we wore at least one red item in… View Post

Acum cateva zile am decis sa fac o schimbare in ceea ce priveste culoarea parului, mai ales ca se apropie si ziua mea in scurt timp 🙂 Desi nu eram foarte hotarata, dupa ce am vazut noul look al Dorinei, am stiut ca asta vreau si eu 🙂 Ca si Dorina, si eu aveam parul bronde, insa al meu era destul de patat si nu arata ok, asa ca am hotarat sa optez tot pentru… View Post