This weekend we decided to go out and “play” in the snow.  First, we drank a hot tea at an Indian style cafe and then we decided to take photos. Easy to say, harder to do, but at least we had fun. Snow looks so nice in the photos, but it’s such a nightmare, we came home with “white boots” and all wet. At least, we had a great ally against the cold- our new… View Post

  Hello! I know that most of you are anxiously waiting for the weekend, just like me 🙂  This weekend we have planned some fun activities and most of them are blog and Youtube related- this year we decided to diversify our content on Youtube, to be more creative and to not focus only on beauty. I hate winter but I try not to look like Yeti and to remain true to my style, which… View Post

When I am writing this post I’m nestled in bed and I’m watching on my window the piles of snow on the streets. I can’t wait to melt it and never see it again this year! No, I’m not Grinch, I like to look out the window as the snow flakes are falling and how everything turns into a movie landscape but then, when I have to get up every morning and face the cold… View Post

  Every season we have a “piece de resistance”, an item that we wear more often than others, that we choose when we don’t know what to wear. During winter this essential item for me is a parka. I can’t fight the winter cold without this piece. I don’t remember exactly when and how I discovered it, but I know that I love parka from the first moment I saw it. It’s versatile, warm and… View Post

  Happy New Year sweeties! Hope you had wonderful holidays with your loved ones. There is something about the first month of every new year that makes us feel like we’re capable of so many great things. It’s time to set goals, create lists of resolutions and decide what’s important this year. We didn’t write down our 2017 resolutions because we (almost) never stick to them but we know what we want this year and… View Post