It’s Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend! In fact, I’m looking forward to the next weekend getaway in a beautiful place 🙂 Even though summer is almost over I’m not sad (yet) because for us the holiday it just begins. This year we decided to go on holiday in September and I think it’s the first year when we do this. I thought it will be better because there will be not so… View Post

Yves Rocher invited us a few weeks ago at the pool to discover their new products. We are big fans of Yves Rocher products for years and as always, we look forward to try the new launches. And they didn’t disappointed us this time either 🙂 Solaire Peau Parfaite Body Spray– it’s perfect for this windy weather, it has has SPF15 and is “invisible”. Doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin and can be… View Post

  “Never say never”, especially when it comes to fashion 🙂 I think you all remember those necklaces from ’90s that fits around the neck. Yes, I’m talking about the famous choker  that you can see everywhere now, especially on fashion bloggers and celebrities. Back in the 90’s I didn’t like them at all, I thought they look like dog collars. I had only one, an elastic spiral choker and I wore it like a… View Post

  I believe music is the key to the soul and life is better barefoot. Take a step outside and dance in the rain.   I dream to attend Coachella one day but until then I decided to go to Summer Well, a local festival that take place in one of the most beautiful and well-preserved aristocratic domains around Bucharest called Stirbey Palace. The atmosphere was incredible and fashion wise- I saw so, so many… View Post

I was very disappointed when I heard someone a few days ago refering to blogging as being “just a game”. What’s the big deal with taking 2-3 photos and post them online?  Many people consider bloggers some narcissist, selfie obsessed girls that do nothing all day. If you’re imagining a fashion blogger just sitting there and looking pretty, you’re completely wrong! Planning, thinking concepts for a shooting, researching, photographing, editing, emailing and signing contracts, and… View Post