Weekend post: Enjoy the simple things

We changed a little bit our editorial calendar, so today you will not see a weekend outfit, but a different post. Based on the messages printed on our T-shirts, we will show you some simple things that make us happy. This is the third time we created custom T-shirts on HiCustom website, we already know how to do it and we think that this time they came out perfect. Dorina chose a message to express…

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Don’t dream your life, live your dream!

We’re back with a new custom T-shirts post. Now we chose some inspirational quotes that we like very much and represent us so well. Dorina is a dreamy and of course she chose something about dreams, aspirations and future plans, while Cristina is realistic and she’s always with the „eyes open” as written on her T-shirt 🙂 First time we have complained that the T-shirts are too big, well now, we have chosen a smaller…

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Fashion is our passion

We always liked message T-shirts: either funny, inspirational or representative quotes. They say something about the person who wear them and offers a touch of individuality. We like so much custom tees that a few years ago we wanted to create a collection with fashion inspired messages. So you can imagine our joy when hicustom.net invited us to create our own shirts. It’s very simple- you choose a simple tee and then you add your…

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