Golden hour

I’ve wanted for such a long time some photos to capture that special light before sunset. I always admire on other fashion blogs photos that are made in that period called golden hour. It was just an „accident” that we took these photos just before sunset, but I like a few of them, cause we managed to surprise some rays. The outfit is nothing special, but I really like that light, I find it special.…

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OOTD: Black leather skirt

Hello girls! Last weekend I’ve been out with my friends and I made some pictures with my outfit, because I wanted to show you my eco leather skirt wich I absolutely adore it. I love the fabric, the length, everything about it, I think it’s just perfect. I combined the skirt with my favorite red shirt (which is very wrinkled even though I iron it before I left the house) and a basic cardigan.  I…

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