Weekend outfit: Beauty has no age limit

This weekend outfit is a monochromatic one. Even though I love colors and prints, sometimes I feel the need to wear basic combinations, especially in autumn and winter. This aztec printed jacket is a new entry in my wardrobe and I like it very much, cause I wanted for a while a model like this. It’s from the new Glamorous collection and it’s perfect for this weather. Even if the black and white combination might…

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Help me choose my next fall item!

[EN]: Even if I don’t want to accept it, fall is here. I still wear summer clothes, but it’s just getting colder and I think it will no longer lasts till the „the big step” : saying goodbye to all my colorful dresses and hello to my warm sweaters, jackets and jeans. I am already thinking about how to add, edit and update my wardrobe. That means shopping for warm clothes. So, today, I want…

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