Who would have thought that cold and rainy days will come back again? This weather took me by surprise, I wouldn’t have expected to wear long sleeve shirts and jackets so soon. The outfit from today’s post it’s perfect for gloomy days because pink always manages to bring a smile on my face and if offers fresh vibes to every outfit. Even though it’s pretty windy for dresses and floral skirts, I won’t give… View Post

  This year we wanted to get out of our comfort zone and try new things, no matter how small or big they are. You probably know how difficult it is at first, but it’s get easier over time because you have the courage to experiment more. Usually we have a girly style, we wear chic and feminine items and we used to pose in the same spots. Lately we  chose different locations for our… View Post

Don’t grow up it’s a trap Do not be fooled by their stories, keep on being who you are Once you are like them there is no turning back {Jonah Lake- Don’t Grow Up, it’s a Trap}   Perhaps when you read this post you’re at the office and you think at reports, tasks, emails and it’s only Monday, but you can’t wait for Friday, cause you already have plans for the weekend. Stop for… View Post

Another week has almost ended and I don’t know when it passed away. I feel like I’ve wasted time without doing something significant. I hope this will change with the arrival of spring. As you can see in the photos I’m already prepared to welcome spring with my pale pink coat, the most beautiful coat  I’ve had until now. Since I first saw it on Heyro, I fell in love with it because of its… View Post

I hope you had an amazing weekend and that you took advantage of the warm weather, because you never know when we will have sunny days like those ones again this year. I saw Everest yesterday and I was sad all day thinking how short life is. How stressed we are, how we imagine things that never happened, forgetting to live life at maximum intensity, believing that we have countless days and that the end… View Post