Water, sunny beach, sea –  it’s exactly what I’m dreaming right now as my Facebook and Instagram feeds are full by such posts. This is a sign to have a short little getaway soon. The star of today’s outfit is the leopard print skirt, that would fit perfectly in a holiday outfit but for now I chose to wear it in an elegant combo.  I combined it with a black simple top and black heels… View Post

Don’t grow up it’s a trap Do not be fooled by their stories, keep on being who you are Once you are like them there is no turning back {Jonah Lake- Don’t Grow Up, it’s a Trap}   Perhaps when you read this post you’re at the office and you think at reports, tasks, emails and it’s only Monday, but you can’t wait for Friday, cause you already have plans for the weekend. Stop for… View Post

We always loved crime novels, mystery movies ( we are huge fans of the Sherlock Holmes series), not to say as teenagers we were addicted to hidden objects PC games. We are sure that many of you like mystery, so just imagine how it would be if the mysterious scenarios come to life and happen in reality, and you would be the protagonists? Well, this actually happens at Complete Escape, the real-life game exit. Adrenaline,… View Post

Today we have for you 2 monochrome outfits. If you follow the blog you know that we adore color, but this time we decided to opt for something black and white. It all started with Cristina‘s vest, we basically built the outfits around her. It’s a really cool item and you can wear it with shirts, but if you are a casual type of girl you can try it with T-shirts, too. The lace-up sandals… View Post

Happy Monday! This spring we feel more inspired, more willing to try new things, we have a lot of energy and ideas! Lately we’ve planned many projects, we have participated in many awesome events and met many beautiful people. The most wonderful aspect in a blogger’s life is represented by the fact that we meet new people who share the same passions like us. In the last two weeks we met a lot of beautiful… View Post