Just a few hours till the weekend and if you haven’t made plans yet, I have a movie recommendation for you: Beauty and The Beast.  When Disney announces a new movie it always creates so much buzz around it and the critics start to discuss the trailer and everyone is so curious to see what is all about and I’m no exception. This time I must admit that I haven’t read anything about Beauty… View Post

  I believe music is the key to the soul and life is better barefoot. Take a step outside and dance in the rain.   I dream to attend Coachella one day but until then I decided to go to Summer Well, a local festival that take place in one of the most beautiful and well-preserved aristocratic domains around Bucharest called Stirbey Palace. The atmosphere was incredible and fashion wise- I saw so, so many… View Post

Did you know that on July 30 was the International Day of Friendship? We talked with our bff Julie from Pink Wish to have a picnic on July 30, without knowing that it’s the day when people celebrate friendship. As we told you before: there is no such thing as chance or coincidence 🙂 Julie received the cutest picnic basket ever for her birthday and we decided to go in the park for a picnic… View Post

2009, July 20– we published our first post on this blog.  It seems like an eternity has passed since then. Meanwhile we have written nearly 1,000 posts, we’ve taken thousands of pictures (maybe tens of thousands), we’ve met dozens of people or hundreds if we count on those we only know online, we worked with hundreds of brands and  hundreds of thousands of people read what we wrote in all those years. Beyond figures and… View Post

Last weekend we decided to go on a short road trip to Sinaia and Busteni. We didn’t planned this trip before, it was a last minute decision, but we are so glad that we left Bucharest even for a short period of time. Nothing compares to that feeling of discovering new places, explore nature and share these moments with loved ones. We are the kind of people that enjoy the little things in life so… View Post