A few years ago I hated the idea of ​​wearing sneakers with elegant outfits. It seemed simply inconceivable for me, I even laughed when I was seeing someone wearing this combo. First I started wearing sporty shoes with casual outfits and after a while I paired the sneakers with elegant items. The idea is that I’m not crazy about this trend, but most of the time I have to run from one place to… View Post

  Hey, loves! It’s been a bit slow on the blog-side lately but we’ve just wanted to relax and have fun with our family during Easter. Our Easter looks were a mix of cute and feminine lace dresses and classy trench coats and shoes. Cristina choose a red dress from Gamiss and Dorina a pink one from VIPme paired with pink suede sandals and a embroidered jeans jacket.  Lately we never miss the opportunity to… View Post

  “Though human ingenuity may make various inventions which, by the help of various machines answering the same end, it will never devise any inventions more beautiful, nor more simple, nor more to the purpose than nature does“- Leonardo da Vinci The above quote sums up our opinion of beauty, simplicity and life. Lately we have started to enjoy more than ever the simple things and learn to cherish them because they are the most… View Post

As you probably noticed this year the floral printed and embroidered items are very cool. Even if you are not one to follow the trends, it’s impossible to not see everywhere (both in stores and on the street) flowery blouses, jackets with colorful prints and embroidered jeans. Embroidery can make your outfit really come to life. Today I will show you a pair of embroidered jeans perfect for spring, with butterflies, flowers, grass and green… View Post

  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Things are not always black or white, sometimes are.. grey 🙂 As this capricious spring: one day we have summer temperatures and the next day we are freezing. It is very difficult to decide what to wear in these situations. Today I will show you a grey outfit suitable for cooler days. I don’t wear very often grey and I tend to match it with white or… View Post