If you ever plan to visit Romania and experience our food and traditions you should read this post about Conacu Boierului, a wonderful guesthouse in the village Ponoarele. First stop on our way to Conacu Boierului was Targu Jiu. The town is small, but very clean and tidy and here we saw the most beautiful trees in bloom ever! We “checked” the perfect sculptures of Constantin Brancusi: Endless Column, Table of Silence and the… View Post

  We are reticent when it comes to try new hair care products because we have a very sensitive scalp. However, we couldn’t resist trying the new NIVEA Hairmilk range, so we said yes to NIVEA invitation and we attend the Pop Up Hair Salon event. It wasn’t just an opportunity to try the new NIVEA products, but a real pampering session. NIVEA hair stylists did a great job and our hair was fabulous at… View Post

As you probably noticed this year the floral printed and embroidered items are very cool. Even if you are not one to follow the trends, it’s impossible to not see everywhere (both in stores and on the street) flowery blouses, jackets with colorful prints and embroidered jeans. Embroidery can make your outfit really come to life. Today I will show you a pair of embroidered jeans perfect for spring, with butterflies, flowers, grass and green… View Post

  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Things are not always black or white, sometimes are.. grey 🙂 As this capricious spring: one day we have summer temperatures and the next day we are freezing. It is very difficult to decide what to wear in these situations. Today I will show you a grey outfit suitable for cooler days. I don’t wear very often grey and I tend to match it with white or… View Post

  In the last few weeks we added a lot of new makeup products in our routine and today we will show you three of them: two foundations and a blush. Milani Illuminating Face Powder (shade Beauty’s Touch 03) was on our wish list for a while- we saw it so many times at our favorite beauty gurus. And how to stay away from this product that looks like a rose bouquet? It looks simply… View Post