AnotherSide of Me turns nine!

We still can’t believe this! Looking back on our old posts, we can see that so much has changed but somehow we are still the same. We still remember that we were afraid of what people would think if we started a blog. Actually, Dorina wanted to start the blog 1-2 years earlier, but she was terrified of sharing her inner thoughts and even more terrified sharing photos of herself with not just people she knew, but with many whom she didn’t know personally. But she decided to give it a shot and never looked back and this was one of the best decisions of her life.

Looking back on our first post, we honestly never thought this blog would go anywhere. We just wanted to share some thoughts and local events with other teens and then to show our outfits and the things we are passionate about.

Now there are a lot of blogs and it’s very cool to call yourself an influencer but back then no one ever would have thought that you can make money blogging.  Now people think that bloggers are just taking photos and making  money and consider this a dream job, but it’s not that easy. You really have to have a passion for this! They don’t see the incredible amount of time that bloggers put into their blog. You don’t wanna know how many sleepless nights we had, how many weekends we worked or how many times we skipped over meals to go somewhere to do something blog related. We don’t have a photographer, an assistant or an accountant, we do everything by ourselves and we must admit it’s very difficult but it is equally rewarding.  You can read this article I wrote a year ago about blogging, our thoughts are still the same 🙂

While we are not completely full time bloggers yet, we are closer than we were in the previous years. Balancing a blog and a full time job can be very difficult, but not impossible as you can see. We don’t post so often on the blog but we are very active on social media. It’s not easy, sometimes can be so exhausting but when we feel that, we just take a break and go somewhere in the nature to reconnect with ourselves.

Success does not happen overnight despite what people may think, you have to really love what you are doing and sometimes to do it without getting paid.

Other than passion, you really need to be confident in yourself. We used to have a lot of self doubts but now we learned that nobody’s perfect and we are all different. We see so many bloggers that look alike (we look alike, too, but hey, we are sisters, they are not 🙂 ) they edit their photos the same,  go to the same places and the same surgeons, wear the same items and the list can go on…
We believe that you don’t have to dress and act in a certain way in order to be successful.  Or maybe you have to…. because we noticed that these girls are very popular and “loved” by fans and PRs but we decided that we don’t want that. We decided to be unique, different, just us. Two sisters with a passion for fashion & “superficial things”( as other call them), two girls who love to travel and explore the world, two souls that are searching their happiness in this big world.

And the most important thing for us now is to focus on ourselves and what we are doing because this way we have no time to focus on other people 🙂

And if we are talking about time this is the reason we don’t post so often lately. We have a lot of photos and info to share with you but we didn’t have the time to put it down. This period is crazy for us because we realize it’s the end of the summer and we decided to get the most of it, so we will travel a lot. Maybe you noticed all our road trips and holidays lately, we decided to travel and visit as many places as we can. We will share with you all the beautiful places, so stay tuned.

In the past years we planned blogiversary shootings but now we didn’t have time to do that, so we improvised something. We scheduled a random photo shoot with Alex Damian in Sun Plaza mall (they have a cool campaign to let people know that they can took photos with smartphones and DSLR in any corner of the mall) and on our way we find a balloon, so we decided to do these anniversary photos 🙂

Do you still read blogs? If yes, what kind of blogs do you read on a regular basis?

9 years anotherside of me     

cristina anotherside of me
9 years blogiversary
9 years of blogging anotherside of me

9 years of blogging
nine years blogiversary
sun plaza fotografii
anotherside of me 9 years of blogging
anotherside of me 9 years of bloggig




  1. September 8, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    La multi ani si felicitari!
    Sa ne auzim si la 18 !!!